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Sleep Device Tubing

Deluxe standard diameter 19mm, 6-foot long tubing designed to work with all class of sleep device and mask products.

Traditional Hose Alternative

  • Compatible with all sleep devices.
  • A great alternative to traditional, boring, gray sleep device & BiPAP hoses.


  • Compatible with all sleep device masks.
  • Quiet performance, superior flexibility with rich black ribs and endcaps.

Ruby Sleep Device Tubing

  • SKU: RUB100

Topaz Sleep Device Tubing

  • SKU: TOP100

Sapphire Sleep Device Tubing

  • SKU: SAP100

Amethyst Sleep Device Tubing

  • SKU: AME100

Pink Pearl Sleep Device Tubing

  • SKU: PEA100

Ultra Noir Sleep Device Tubing

  • SKU: UN100

Standard 6 Foot Long sleep device hose

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Sleep Device Tubing Sales Sheet

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